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Online network DemiTv nears massive relaunch.

Eight years following the initial launch, online network DemiTv now prepares for a massive upcoming relaunch. DemiTv first launched in 2013, primarily as just a website. DemiTv became the online hub for the original content by Demetrius Malone Productions that was airing in paid programming television spots across the country following Malone’s departure from the stage after 46 stage productions.

With cable affiliates on the CW and Fox networks across the country, every weekend, hundreds of thousands of households in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Michigan, Texas, Louisiana, and Kentucky were watching the original comedies, dramas, sitcoms, and talk shows produced by DM Productions. After going on to write for production companies on HuLu, Netflix, NBC, ABC and many other networks, Malone says nothing compares to writing his own stories on DemiTv. “By the grace of God, I’ve been blessed to write for so many major production companies and networks. However, I have to write within the perimeters of the experiences of the lead writers, show runners, and executive producers. When I write my own stories, I get to write from my most authentic place from my soul without restrictions. That creative freedom is priceless.”

A major change coming to DemiTv is the expansion of content. “DemiTv has obtained licensing to include some of viewers’ favorite shows from mainstream television and even the big screen in the library. Whether you’re in the mood for some drama, romance, comedy, or inspiration; we got you covered” says Malone.

Most of the original DemiTv shows are being rebooted along with a catalog full of new original shows. There will be talk shows, reality shows, docu-series, scripted dramas, sitcoms, documentaries, stand up comedy specials, and so much more in the new library of content.

Soon, viewers will be able to watch DemiTv on Apple Tv, Roku, FireTv, Android Tv, Google Tv, not to mention Android and Apple Devices, and even in your online browser.

An official relaunch date has not been released.


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