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The countdown to the DemiTv relaunch draws nearer and following the release of the first trailer for action super-hero drama, Black Shero, viewers are ready! Recently, DemiTv released the first trailer pertaining to the new original content coming to the subscription on demand network.

“It only made sense for the Black Shero trailer to be the first trailer released of the new DemiTv library of original content. Black Shero is the staple show of the relaunch. The cast and crew consists of 175 hard working and talented individuals”, says Demetrius Malone, DemiTv President of Programming.

“Huntsville, Alabama was chosen as the setting of Black Shero not because DemiTv is headquartered in Huntsville, but because of the city's contribution to the nation’s defense and space programs. The show takes so many turns that brings Huntsville’s history with NASA and the Department of Defense to the forefront. I adore Huntsville and there is nowhere else I’d rather be than in Huntsville, but I can honestly say that the Huntsville depicted in the Black Shero universe is not the Huntsville I know. Black Shero exists in a world where everything that could have gone wrong goes wrong, and unimaginable destruction follows. At first glance, viewers may assume they have a gauge of the show, but Black Shero is incredibly multi-layered with insane twists in every episode.”

When an unlikely viral star Tammy Townsend (Dionne Reeves Grubbs) accidentally becomes the arch enemy of a masked vigilante who’s stolen warheads from the U.S. Army, she finds herself in the middle of an all-out domestic war. As the wrath of Titan (Reggie Jackson) levels cities and claims hundreds of lives, soon it becomes clear that the nation’s fate lies in the hands of the woman the internet has dubbed, Black Shero.

Black Shero will premiere as a part of the March 19th 2023 relaunch of DemiTv. Viewers will be able to watch DemiTv on Apple Tv, Roku, FireTv, Android Tv, Google Tv, as well as Android and Apple devices, and even in their online browser.


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