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DemiTv has officially let viewers take a glimpse inside one of it’s upcoming original dramas by releasing stills of the highly anticipated superhero-action comedy-drama, BLACK SHERO. “Black Shero is everything. The series is sexy, funny, dark, gruesome, bloody, political, spiritual, and it is full of action. The cast is phenomenal”, says Demetrius Malone, DemiTv President of Programming.

Black Shero follows the life of Tammy Townsend, a 40-year-old single mother in Huntsville, Alabama. After a lifetime of unfortunate events, the show begins on the heels of Tammy’s divorce, depression, and vicious court battle for custody of her children, then enters Rickey. Portrayed by actor Dylan Dee Ragland, Rickey is Tammy’s lifelong wise-cracking, flamboyant, and sarcastic best friend. When Rickey convinces Tammy to get out of the house for a costume party, the games begin. On the walk home from the party, Rickey is attacked by group of drunks shouting homophobic insults at Rickey. While in costume as a superhero, it is that moment when Tammy finally snaps. She brutally fights off the attackers. Unbeknownst that the fight was caught on camera, the next morning Tammy and Rickey awaken to mania following news reports of a full-figured superhero the internet has now dubbed, Black Shero. Rickey and Tammy get the bright idea to monetize the instant stardom of Black Shero by staging fake fights. However, after receiving the wrong coordinates for their staged fight, Black Shero accidentally foils the plans of a group of gunmen, leaving her the arch-enemy of a terrorist organization behind a massive conspiracy to bring about the fall of the United States government.

As masked and hood wearing vigilantes rise from the shadows in allegiance to the psychotic figure Titan, will Tammy settle upon her life as the depressed and lonely woman next door, or will she embrace her destiny as the ass-kicking hero the world needs, Black Shero?

After 8 years of airing it's original content on DemiTv online and the CW television network, DemiTv nears its massive relaunch. Black Shero will premiere as a part of the March 19th, 2023 relaunch of DemiTv.

Viewers will be able to watch DemiTv on Apple Tv, Roku, FireTv, Android Tv, Google Tv, not to mention Android and Apple Devices, and even in their online browser.


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