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Season one of the DemiTv mega hit, ‘Black Shero’ held no punches when it came to the drama, action, and chaos. And at the center of all the mayhem of masked villains and superheroes, was actor Dee Prince aka Dylan Ragland in his dynamic performance as tech genius, Rickey.

Ragland was cast as “Rickey” in 2021, and left his longtime love of theatre for his first small screen role. “I knew that Dee could make the transition from stage to screen, and I’m grateful that he trusted me”, says Black Shero executive producer, Demetrius Malone.

Rickey became an instant fan fave as the best friend of Black Shero herself, Tammy Townsend.

Running October 20-29, 2023, Ragland will make his return to the stage in Huntsville, Alabama's Fantasy Playhouse’s adaptation of J.B. Mitchell's Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book". Ragland assumes the villainous role of Shere Khan.

🔗 Tickets available online: CLICK HERE

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