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Seven years following the premiere of the DemiTv original series 'Clarence'the hit animated comedy has secured a reboot spot on the new DemiTv platform.

Early 2016 the series debuted on online network DemiTv, before transitioning to the CW network in select cities during summer 2017. The series is created in a docu-series format, which features the characters in the moment of their experiences as well as in their confessionals speaking directly into the camera.

'Clarence' chronicles the lives of patriarch Clarence P. Dowles and his many trials with his family. The animated comedy does not shy away from mature language or content as the Dowles family has tackled controversy like no animated series before. From addiction, sex, grief, racism, and transphobia, the show has put it's hilarious spin on all the serious social topics of today.

Malone: "Clarence" still remains the most popular DemiTv show of all time. Our viewers stretched worldwide. We were bringing in over a million viewers per episode. I'm excited to bring another round of Clarence and the Dowles family."

DemiTv relaunches March 19th, 2023. Viewers may subscribe on and download the apps on their Roku TVs, mobile devices, and AppleTV devices.

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