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As the countdown to the massive relaunch of DemiTv nears, executives have released details on upcoming docu-series, The Seenagers of Birmingham by executive producer, Iama Price who viewers well recognize from OWN Network’s Love & Marriage: Huntsville.

“My approach to business is, ‘If it’s not a hell yes, then it’s a no’. I met Iama, and while I immediately knew I wanted to work with her, we went through a full year of me declining ideas. She didn’t give up. All of her ideas were great, but I was waiting for a hell yes moment. Then out of the blue, we had a meeting and she pitched The Seenagers. I knew five minutes into the meeting that this was a HELL HELL YES moment”, says Demetrius Malone, President of Programming at DemiTv.

The term Seenager is used to reference seniors with the spunk, stamina, and expression of teenagers. The Seenagers of Birmingham follows the hilarious and emotional lives of lifelong girlfriends, optometrist, Dr. Juanakee Adams, Tuskegee Professor, Dr. Sherrell Price, and retired school teacher Rita Collins as they navigate careers, children, grandchildren, and sex in the mid 60s.

When questioned on the concept of the series, Price replied, “There's a saying, "We Have to Be the Change We Want To See In The World." I became really disappointed and creatively frustrated by the negative narratives and toxic storylines on most reality shows. I wanted to see a show that reminded me of 80's and 90's television. My intention was to produce a series that connected Baby Boomers and Millennials in a genuine and comical way. The death of Betty White also showed us how much the world misses and needs that Matriarchal energy on the planet right now. So, Yay Tribe to the rescue.” The Yay Tribe is the name used to describe the family unit of the Seenagers and their daughters, Chloe, Carlee, and yes – even Iama!

What makes this show unique?

PRICE: This series is uncut, uncommon and unfiltered. It’s wise, witty and wildly inappropriate. With ‘the realest’, Sherrell, ‘the flower child’, Rita and ‘the diva’, Juanakee; these baby boomers keep you on your toes! Right now there aren't many reality shows featuring baby boomer women and they are the new matriarchs of families all over the world. "Seenagers of Birmingham" brings the baby boomers back into the forefront and highlights the relationships between baby boomer parents and their adult millennial children in a cutting edge and comical way. This series also showcases atypical images of black women in the South. Filming this series in Birmingham, AL also brings in the rich history of the city and the racial unity of a generation that ushered in the civil rights movement.

MALONE: These ladies are the same age as my mother, and I know there are no women walking the earth like black women in their 60s. When the Seenagers first arrived at DemiTv headquarters, they were nervous, but I assured them that they would be protected and respected as I would want someone to respect my mother. Sheryl is in fact Iama’s mother. We had no idea what we were in for. This show became the most hilarious show I have ever been a part of. There is no way that viewers will watch this show without screaming out in shock and laughter! Words cannot express the magic that this circle of ladies have created. Nights after filming the crew would be driving home and silent, in awe of what we had just witnessed. Absolute magic!

These women grew up as little girls in Birmingham, Alabama during the same time that 4 young black girls were killed in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing that changed the face of the Civil Rights Movement. Aside from being television QUEENS, the Seenagers are incredibly successful and the show also rallies together many other childhood classmates who overcame racial obstacles to become community beacons and icons. The show has it all, sex, emotion, forgiveness, trauma, and ambition. It is the medicine DemiTv needed.

After 9 years of airing its original content on DemiTv online and the CW television network, DemiTv nears its massive relaunch. The Seenagers of Birmingham will premiere as a part of the 2023 relaunch of DemiTv.

Viewers will be able to watch DemiTv on Apple Tv, Roku, FireTv, Android Tv, Google Tv, as well as Android and Apple devices, and even in their online browser.


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