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Undoubtedly, hailed by historians as the greatest coverup in world history, streaming service DemiTv prepares to go where only few networks have dared go before. “The time has come. Too many lives have been lost due to the coverup that changed the world”, says British historian and series contributor, Adam Ulusoga.

“James Loves George: The King Who Wrote The Bible”, tells the shocking and hidden story of England's King James VI’s blackmail into revising the Bible after being caught with his male lover, Esme Stewart.

Ulusoga: “The King James Version Bible is the source most Christians use to build their view of God, others, and themselves. Christians engage in teachings and studies of the contents inside the KJV Bible two to three times a week for a lifetime, and it never crosses their mind to ask, “who is King James?” Most don’t realize that there is a reason they weren’t taught one single thing about King James. Christians cannot tell you where he was king, when he was king, why he revised the bible, or what bible existed before his. However, his writings are used to shape the faith of millions. They have no idea that the only reason the Bible is referred to as the word of God is because James wrote a law that those in his commonwealth refer to his new Bible as the word of God; and he executed anyone who failed to do so. Before then Bibles were only referred to as words about God. James’ law was considered blasphemous and outraged his subjects. Then eight years later, boom! The pilgrims head to America in search of religious freedom.”

Demetrius Malone, Executive Producer: “I have been working with historians from around the globe for the last 10 years to study the hidden history of King James. I am a former pastor and minister. I preached of the King James Bible for decades, and it never crossed my mind to ask, “Who was King James?”. One afternoon I picked up my daughter from school. She got into the backseat and asked me, “Who is King James?” I had no idea who she was talking about until I turned around and I saw that she was looking at the cover of my Bible. I couldn’t answer her and I instantly found it highly suspicious that I couldn’t answer her. It was as if a light came on. I’m a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, but nowhere in my imagination was I prepared for what I was about to uncover. Once I cracked the door, there was no turning back. I worked with historians from England and around the world. I even read the love letters between James and George myself.”

Of all the many male lovers of King James, no one held his heart like George Villiers, the man King James referred to as his “true” wife despite being forced to marry Ann of Denmark. Letters also reveal that not only did James refer to George as his "wife" but George in return referred to James as his "husband". According to the Catasine Transcripts still kept on file in Buckingham Palace, Ann originally loved James and believed she could gain his affection, but after learning of his true sexuality, she changed and began to plot the downfall of James which caused a great rift between England and Denmark. James made George the Duke of Buckingham.

Malone: “There is no greater coverup than the truth that the greatest source of most homophobia was written by a homosexual who was pressured by the church to establish as “straight” image by revising the Bible and marrying a woman.

James refused to go down without a fight. In his alterations of the Bible, James also drastically changed the Biblical teachings and expectations of women due to his frustration with Ann. James demoted women in his kingdom and exalted all his male lovers to high positions infuriating Ann and church leaders. However, due to his agreement with the church to adhere to his Bible, there was nothing they could do to honor the power hungry Ann. James' hatred of women intensified to the point that he began executing women he deemed to be witches. The KJV Bible is the best selling book in history. How can it be a coincidence that no one knows one thing about the author of the best selling book in history?”

Ulusoga: “British museums bear no shortage of sexually explicit love letters between James and his male lovers. One particular letter gets so explicit that it depicts the two gentlemen even breaking the headboard on James’ bed while having sex...with Ann in the next room. It’s no coincidence that people were taught to not question the Bible. James executed those who questioned the Bible he referred to as the word of God.”

“I believe education is important. It is not enough to just study what is inside the Bible. If the Bible is going to be the authoritative guide of your life, then you at least need to know the history of the Bible. It is not the goal of DemiTv to change anyone's mind. We seek to educate in hopes that we fuel more love, peace, and tolerance of all God's children”, Demetrius Malone. In recent years The Discovery Channel, A&E, and PBS all premiered documentaries revealing the history of King James VI. DemiTv will be the first to produce a scripted drama. “James Loves George: The King Who Wrote The Bible” will premiere on DemiTv Spring 2024.

Viewer Discretion Is Advised.

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